Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a ticket broker?
A: A ticket broker buys and sells tickets for a wide variety of entertainment and sporting events. Brokers specialize in premium seating, sold out events, and otherwise hard-to-get tickets.

Q: Why are tickets above face value?
A: Tickets are above face value because brokers have certain expenses while obtaining first rate tickets. Sales price is determined by seat location, demand, and our cost for acquiring tickets. Premium seating prices vary with supply and demand and can change on a daily basis.

Q: Do you charge any additional fees?
A: No. We believe the prices you see on our website are what you should be charged. There are no additional fees or hidden costs that will be added to your order, besides shipping. Please be aware that other sites may charge you additional fees such as service fees, transaction fees, connection fees, and handling fees which are added to the final cost of your purchase. Coast Tickets does not have such fees and the price you see on our site is the final price you pay.

Q: What is consignment?
A: Consignment is a service that Coast Tickets offers to try to help customers sell their tickets. The service is offered at no cost to the customer. The customer will determine the amount he or she would like in return for their tickets. Coast Tickets will then price the tickets accordingly to be able to sell the tickets, give the customer the amount he or she wants in return, and make a profit from the sale to cover our costs.

The tickets are always the property of the customer, although the tickets must be housed at our office. If at any time the customer wants to use the tickets or otherwise keep them in their possession, Coast Tickets will take them off-sale and return the tickets to the customer.

Q: Will my credit card information be safe with Coast Tickets?
A: Yes. Whether we receive your credit card information over the phone or via this website, your credit card information will remain secure. The system that Coast Tickets uses is protected by VeriSign Inc. Your information will not be distributed to any third party. The information will only be used for orders made through Coast Tickets.

Q: Am I guaranteed to receive the tickets I buy?
A: If for any reason your tickets are unavailable at the time you purchase them, Coast Tickets will contact you and will find you comparable or better tickets if available for the event.

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